May 1, 2010

Favourite Seasonal Aromas

The four seasons are often associated with pizza, hotel names, artwork or Vivaldi. They also have something to do with nature and the changing scenarios that nature provides for our delight four times a year. Each season has its own particular mood and aroma. 

Can we extract the various aromas, fragrances, nuances and feelings of the seasons and bundle them into one compressed article that will conjure up the evocative atmosphere of the desired seasonal moment by pushing a button? Actually, we can; it is called air freshener spray and lasts all of seven minutes. For a more lasting effect, instead of pushing a button, we can light a match and apply it to a wick. Indeed, only candles can contain the scents and fragrances from nature at a particular season and release them for our enjoyment and appreciation when a flame is applied, with a romantic effect that lasts for hours.

According to the dictionary, an aroma is a distinctive, agreeable odour and/or a pervasive subtle quality. An intriguing aroma suggests taste as well as smell; indeed, when something is cooking we can almost taste it.

When an aroma invades the atmosphere through the medium of a candle we can almost see it: that flicker of the flame or the hint of smoke in the air. Sometimes a heavily scented set of candles create an almost tangible atmosphere. All this fantasy resides in the perfumed candle; gaze and admire it and savour the mood that it evokes; you will find that all your senses are involved.

Each season offers its particular aroma and each aroma can be romantically captured in a candle to bring nature into the home. As autumn looms, we have the harvest odours of grapes, pears and pomegranates; autumn is also rife with chestnuts, mushrooms and pumpkins.

As winter moves in, woody and evergreen aromas abound, perfuming every corner from strategically placed perfumed candles.
Christmas candles naturally smell of good cheer: sugared plums, candied fruits, cinnamon and other festive spices. As pine-scented winter turns into spring, fresh and subtle early flowers lend their sweet scents to the task of perfuming the home. Then, the headier blooms of summer, particularly roses and lavender, create lush sweet-scented gardens; their fragrance also pervades every room by means of pretty, slow burning, perfumed candles.

Throw out the sprays and the air-wick; candles have so much more going for them.

Tim Aldiss writes for Yankee Candle UK where there’s a world of scented Christmas candles!

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