July 16, 2010

GlassDharma Straws – The Perfect Eco-Friendly Gift for the Holidays

I support anything that is eco-friendly. I like products that don’t use much of the dwindling resources found in nature. And using glass is one of the way to avoid the use of plastics which always end up in the landfill.

I have tried and tested GlassDharma glass straws and I can ascertain that they are the better (if not the best!) option to use than plastic straws.

I have to thank GlassDharma for sending me this fantastic Decorative Dot (9.5mm x 9″) with blue accent glass straw and 1 cleaning brush (1-3/8″) to clean the inner part of the glass straw.  I don’t have this type of straw yet and it’s big enough to be used for smoothies too.

There are many things that I find very beneficial in using GlassDharma’s glass straws.

GlassDharma straws are made from borosilicate glass, the safest and strongest glass commercially available

The straws are microwave and dishwasher safe.

GlassDharma provides a Lifetime Guarantee against breakage. It means, if it breaks (due to natural causes and not due to negligence), GlassDharma will replace it.

The glass straws are made for various types of drinks! You can use it for cold and even hot drinks.

The straws are kid-friendly and safe. They don’t have any jagged edges that can wound young kids.

The straws are great for all kinds of drinks: bubble teas, iced drinks, shakes, smoothies and juices.

And this is one of my reasons for loving this product so much – it helps prevent teeth-staining from drinking caffeinated and even acidic drinks.

Lastly, it’s so easy to clean! You can buy GlassDharma straws with brushes included in the package so you can clean the inside part very easily and the brushes vary in sizes depending on the glass straw’s diameter.

GlassDharma straws are handmade and manufactured in the US. They are great gifts and even stuffing fillers for the coming Holidays. Surprise your family and friends with their very own GlassDharma and help be a part of people who support sustainable and more eco-conscious lifestyle.

Classic example of GlassDharma straws to present as gifts:

This Product trio ($31.00 value) makes a perfect gift for the gift exchange 
at your Holiday party or even lovely stuffing for your Holiday stockings!
1 Hemp Sleeve (Natural shown)
1 Glass Straw (Shown DD9.5mmx9)
1 Cleaning brush

Or these types:

You may find more products of GlassDharma by visiting their site here: GlassDharma

Check out their Holiday Gift Guide for 2014 too for more products showcase and ideas on what to give your family and friends.

GlassDharma is part of the It’s My Party Holiday Gift Guide 2014.

I received the product complimentary for evaluation purposes. I only review products that I like and will certainly use. My opinion and findings are 100% mine and may vary from yours.

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