July 12, 2010

My Art Stash

While other ladies go gaga over make-up, I go loco over arts and crafts supplies (and bags! LOL!) I just love arts and crafts. I always tell myself I am seriously in the wrong profession. I should be in Graphic Design, Art Museum as a curator, an Interior Decorator, an Architect or an Arts teacher or have my own fashion line where I am the designer. In short, anything related to creative pursuits is my forte.

I have been buying arts and crafts supplies lately. I stopped for a while when I got so busy with my online studies. Since, I decided to give my online studies a break, I always end up to where I started – arts and crafts.

Funny thing, I wasn’t even going to buy any craft supplies. I was actually looking on some beauty products when I suddenly decided to check another site I have always visited in the past. And guess what, I emptied my beauty products cart and decided to buy arts and craft supplies. I am happier with my decision and choice!

I get my stuff from Michael’s Arts in the US but when I am back in Dubai, I only shop at Blitsy. It’s my favourite go-to arts and craft supplies online shop. They have regular sales and deals that are so hard to resist. In a span on 1 month, I have ordered thrice already! That’s not wise for my budget but because they have deals that I cannot resist, I end up buying more in separate dates. I will be wiser in my next purchase to save on the shipping cost. I will just do the shopping in one go.

Here are my stash and I am waiting for 1 package to be delivered next week. Oh, I can’t wait to get my hands on those stuff!!!

If you want to get your own lovely stash like these, you can visit Blitsy!

Be creative! Keep creating!

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