August 29, 2010

LiquidSavvy's 18 oz Double Wall Insulated Bottle Review #LiquidSavvy

The LiquidSavvy 18 oz is the baby amongst the LiquidSavvy double walled insulated steel bottles.  I already have the 32 oz which is wider and can make more cup of hot coffee and tea than I could ever need for a day. However, the smaller sized 18 oz is cuter and just enough for my day to day caffeine fix in the office.

Just like the bigger sized LiquidSavvy, the 18 oz bottle can also keep my beverage hot for a long time. I poured boiling water in my 18 oz LiquidSavvy bottle at 7 a.m. and still managed to make decent hot tea around past 6 pm! I am really very happy with that.

It has the same features as the bigger bottle. It also comes with 3 caps: twistable cap with silicone ring for easy twisting, a sippy cap and one that is integrated with a carabiner.

The 18 oz bottle is 2.9 inches in diameter at the bottom and 8 inches tall with the lid.  This one is a decent size for me that I can take in the office. It makes 2 cups of hot tea or coffee and I am okay with that. And because it is barely 3 inches in diameter, I can perfectly put it inside my tote bag.

Opening the lid is never an issue with this smaller bottle. Holding this bottle is also easy even with a small grip as mine. However, the bigger sized bottle can be a challenge for me.

My 18 oz LiquidSavvy bottle comes in black colour and it is nice which will go with anything – style wise.

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