September 13, 2010

Paper Products From

They are here! They’re finally here! My journals, business cards and gift tag from are finally here!

I ordered 3 journals (2 for me and 1 for my daughter), 1 business card (25 pieces per set) and gift tags (25 pieces per set). And I love them all!

I am very finicky with paper products because I like something that will last longer and the paper used in everything I ordered are simply remarkable. The print is outstanding and the packaging is super! You can really tell that really put their special touch and care in every product they make and deliver.

 These 2 journals above are mine.
This is my daughter’s journal.
My business card above and my family’s personalized gift tag for all occasions. 

I received the packages in 2 parts. The first parcel was the 3 journals and the 2nd parcel was the cards and they were placed inside a special box with nice patterns inside of the name of the designers. Just by looking at the box, you can actually tell that everything they make in is handled with care. I just love how I received my stuff. I felt very special!

The elaborate packing and the package presentation are all done with care!

This is surely one thing I will highly recommend. They can be nice gifts too and aside from that, if I was already made special the moment I received the parcels, what more are the recipients of these lovely gifts? I’m sure they’ll love products too.

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