October 30, 2010

Chemical Jacketed Reactor Can Be Used in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

Each time chemical jacketed reactor is mentioned, I am sure that many people will have a question: what is it. In this article, we are going to talk about this term.

Chemical reactor is a device used in the process of chemical reaction. And chemical reactor with jacket has a lot of advantages in this process. The jacketed one, also known as glass lined reactor, is made by the specific electric furnace; this make it has advantages like smooth surface, heat resistant and easy to wash.

The jacket has several different types like a half-pipe jacket, a dimpled jacket and a full conventional jacket. The conventional jacket can be used to cover the full wall and base surface and is very simple to construct; the dimpled one has ability to allow construction from light gauge metals while maintaining strength; and the half-pipe jacket may be cheaper for a high pressure on the service side, more importantly, it has the advantages that more than one service can be supplied to different sections of the wall.

Nowadays, a number of manufactures can provide customers high quality product of jacketed reactor. In general, these rectors has following benefits, including: the cooling or heating solution in the interlayer can be completely removed after reaction, high borosilicate glass has good physical and chemical properties, can be used in wide temperature range from high temperature to low temperature, can work in constant pressure and vacuum, digital display of mixing speed, frequency conversion and constant speed mixing system and work steadily, and the wholes structure , is novelty, practical and beautiful.

On the other hand, a jacketed reactor is mainly consisted of following part, such as: double-glass reactor body, speed controller, reactor shelf, PTFE feeding, constant pressure dropping funnel, vacuum chock plug, vacuum exhaustion plug, vacuum gauge, stirring motor, mouth reactor cap, condensator, thermometer bushing, PTFE stirring bar, distillation flask, high temperature circulation pump, and so on.

However, some things you should be careful when you use this kind of reactor, such as: temperature has to be increased and decreased slowly to prevent shorting of nature lifespan of enamel damage because of its thermal of cold stress in the process of using.

Jacketed glass reactor is used to do a lot of process in labs and pilot plant; and the design of jacket make this reactor has heat exchange for better dissolving and crystallization.

In short, chemical reactor is used in the process extraction, mixing, dissolving and stirring; in addition to chemical industry, this device also can contribute to other field, such as pharmaceutical industry and metallurgy etc.

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