October 20, 2010

Self Improvement Through Training Opportunities

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I always believe that we have to take advantage of every opportunity that comes our way because opportunity knocks only once and I don’t want to miss that.

I apply that same principle in my approach to learning and development. It is something I value because I can enhance myself both personally and professionally. I know how important it is to keep learning and improving and attending trainings and seminars are just ways to do that.

My 2014 is lined up with more trainings to enhance soft skills. That is my priority this year. What are these soft skills that I aim to improve?

  • Communicating skills – being able to express myself effectively and diplomatically
  • Listening skills – being able to listen intensively, understand what is told and be able to show empathy
  • Enhance Positive Outlook – be more optimistic in every challenging situations and issues that may come my way
  • Master the art of Time Management – be able to handle my tasks and prioritize what needs to be done
  • Handling Stress –  to be able to channel negative energies brought by external and internal stress into a positive energy through methods of meditation, prayers, engagement in sports and healthy lifestyle
  • Ability to take in feedback and criticism constructively – be able to accept other people’s feedback and criticism with an open mind and to take them as stepping stones for my own development

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