January 10, 2011

Protect and Store RFID Credit Card Sleeves Review + Giveaway

** I have received this product for free in exchange for my unbiased review.

I have seen RFID protective sleeves before but really haven’t thought of its benefits until I received this product for me and my family to try. I may have been unknowingly walking past devices that can actually read my card details in the past. Thanks to this RFID card sleeves, I feel my cards are more protected now and secured.

The card sleeves are just the right size for the standard credit/debit card. It comes with tyvek protective lining which is a synthetic material used as a barrier for most technologies.

The card sleeves are lightweight too and not bulky. However, they tend to crease when I insert them in my wallet and same goes with my husband.

The package comes with 12 sleeves and several stickers you can use to stick on the cover to identify your card for easy use while you are busy with you transactions.

They are very convenient and easy to use, even your teens can have them.

My recommendation:
I do recommend this product for that extra protection of financial information that can be used against you by unscrupulous people. I have known people whose cards were used without their knowledge and how their info were gathered by the crooks.

I am going to use this and cover all my other cards for added protection and security from all the high tech gadgets available out there that can read information from our cards.
You can buy this from Amazon = http://www.amazon.com/RFID-Credit-Sleeves-Theft-Protection/dp/B00OI144EU/ref=cm_rdp_product

And good news!!! The generous sponsor of this giveaway is offering 2 winners 12 pcs of RFID credit card sleeves for their own protection and security. This giveaway is very easy to follow with less entries to join. This is open to US and will end on May 15,  midnight, Dubai, UAE time.


Please join and share this giveaway to your family and friends who can benefit from the extra financial and identity protection.

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