March 6, 2011

Easy Lemon Detox

If you’re like me who gorged on sumptuous food during the festive season then probably you’re also thinking of detoxing to let those toxins out.  Now that the holidays are over and we are back to the normal routine, it is also nice to cleanse or purge our systems with all the bad food we have eaten.

You don’t have to do a lengthy detox. Just try these short term (max of 5 days) detox to cleanse your system so you can start fresh with your healthy lifestyle this 2015.

Here is a simple lemon detox recipe you can prepare to kick-start the healthy eating habit you have resolved to do this year.

1 fresh lemon juice
8 oz. of filtered water
8 drops of stevia (a natural sweetener derived from plant)

Prepare the lemonade and drink first thing in the morning. Eat only after 30 minutes.  You may consume solid food during this easy detox plan. However, you must avoid caffeine, meat, fowls, eggs, processed foods and other dairy products to make this detox successful in cleansing your system. After the last day of your detox, do not go back to your bad eating habits. Your goal now is to eat healthily and live a clean life. Happy detoxing!

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