March 11, 2011

Presidential Debate in the Philippines for 2016

I usually do not enjoy watching debates of political candidates because it is a great platform for them to sell themselves with exaggeration and sometimes, even with dishonesty. It is just common practice to put his or her best foot forward to gain the nod of the people who will vote.

I was drawn to the recent televised debate of the 4 presidential candidates in the Philippines for the 2016 election. Of course, one of them is someone that I will vote for if only I had registered. But definitely, this particular debate that was televised few days ago in Cebu was one that made me snicker and laugh. I just find one candidate to be very blunt and at the same time, had a very good and weird sense of humour. The candidate actually lightened up the mood of everybody. The other candidate who was known for philandering and stealing people’s money was hitting below the belt with allegations directly thrown to the other female candidate. I seriously wonder how that man ever ended up holding one of the highest office in the government’s seat. People who voted that person must be nuts or were blindsided by his true colour.

The were all talking almost simultaneously in a podium and I wished they have allowed their manners to go over drive. It was pretty obvious how they all clamoured for the highest seat in the government.

I just wish they had also worn lapel microphone instead of using the podium’s microphone because the sound was a bit loud that the words got muffled. I still managed to understand most of the things they have said. And one candidate truly stood amongst them. I wish I had registered so I could give this candidate my valuable vote.

The Philippines is in dire need of a leader who can evoke and effect changes to the highest degree. Filipinos are not good handling democracy. I remember growing up during the Martial Law days. People were discipled because they were afraid. Sometimes, I think, it is best to go back to that time when people were scared of the government and its full potential. People were scared to commit crime. But if this candidate whom I believe can carry out the necessary change that our country need, then I wish this fellow wins. He may lead with an iron-fist but so be it. It is time we need some spanking.

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