May 4, 2011

Begin Your Journey to Weight Loss By Checking Your Metabolism First

Losing weight is not an easy feat. In fact, it is not very easy, many fail this endeavour. But for those who succeeded in their journey to weight loss, they were equipped with the right determination, focus, mindset and tools to embark on the journey.

I have friends who have successfully reached their healthy weight goal by sweating out – meaning, they exercised regularly and fixed their eating habits. However, before they went ahead the goal to losing weight, they had to check one thing – their metabolism.

Metabolism plays an integral role in our weight loss goals because it is the hormonal and enzymatic reaction our body makes when we cut back on food, what we eat and how our body transforms and utilizes them.

Before you embark on your weight loss regimen, make sure you are aware of your metabolic rate. You can check  it out here: METABOLISM CALCULATOR

Once you have established that, ease on your food intake. Reduce the amount of calories you are taking but do it gradually and not instantly. If you drastically cut back on food, your body will go into panic-mode and instead of burning those fats, it will store them for heat.

Add protein to your meal but use the lean one like turkey, chicken breast, salmon (also rich in omega-3) and have 5 smaller meals each day.

Drink iced cold water, coffee or tea at least 3 times a day because your body will have to work extra to warm up again.

Lastly and this is the most important part, indulge in regular exercise between 30-45 minutes each day. It may be a brisk-walking, using the stairs, cleaning the house, and walking the dog.  Any short bursts of exercise like sitting up and down your chair for few minutes without the help of your arms can pump up those blood to your heart and also help tone your quads.

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