May 21, 2011

Burn Calories While Using Trampoline

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Engaging in any activity that will increase your cardio rate and burn calories is considered exercise. Even sweeping the floors, doing laundry and those household chores that you do can be considered as a work out. However, if you are the hyper type and would love to jump around because of your endless energy, why now consider jumping on a trampoline and burn calories while having fun and be like a kid all over again?

Jumping in a trampoline is a good way to burn fats. Continuous jumping in a trampoline can burn around 60 plus calories for a 170 pound person for 15 minutes. You can compute the number of calories burned using the calorie calculator from

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So, if your trampoline is gathering dust in your backyard or has been left for a while unused; now is the right time to get going and start jumping like crazy!

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