July 4, 2011

Kid-Friendly Healthy Home

Kids love touching the world around them. They pick up bugs and frogs outside, touch almost every surface they encounter, and reach out to feel new people and items they’ve never seen before. These surfaces are packed with bacteria, and kids could get sick if they endlessly touch the world around them without cleaning them afterward. Many parents strive to teach their kids to wash their hands to prevent sickness and allergies, but the soap itself can actually contribute to the problem.
In fact, soapy fragrances can irritate the skin and sinuses. Fragrances are among the top five allergens that irritate asthma sufferers. You might think the smell of fresh lavender or warm vanilla is inviting, but it could leave your child wheezing, itching, and coughing. Another culprit causing health problems in your home is antibacterial soap. These products are often bought by well-meaning moms, but they can be harsh on little hands and cause some kids to break out in rashes.
Instead of buying the strong scents or antibacterial gels, focus on good handwashing habits to get your kids’ hands completely clean. Encourage your children to scrub for 20 seconds with regular soap — a method that has proven to reduce respiratory problems by 45 percent.
These are just a few great tips to help kids stay healthy around the home so they can keep exploring with their little hands. Check out the infographic below and keep reading to discover additional ways to let your kids get their hands dirty without triggering their asthma.

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