August 1, 2011

Music And Dreams

I have always wanted to sing and not just sing, but sing beautifully and professionally. I guess, I didn’t get my dad’s singing voice. However, in fairness to myself, I can sing, carry a tune but never belt out higher notes. And that’s my greatest frustration.

Aside from not being able to sing beautifully, I only learned to play piano but never other musical instruments. I wanted to be an all-around band player when I was younger. My personally might deceive and you may take me as the goody-goody two shoes girl but deep inside, there’s a rock chick there. Well, I have locked that inner rock chick for good. I can only wish…

So, people really find it surprising when I know rock songs and actually head-bangs along with the melody. Why not? I just admire rock bands and their music as long as the lyrics are not very dirty. I also appreciate all kinds of instruments they play including how their music is produced using various studio instruments and accessories like the bm6.

It must be nice to be given the talent to really sing. I wonder how it is like to be a singer or a rockstar.

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