September 9, 2011

Book Review: One of the Few: A Marine Fighter Pilot's Reconnaissance of the Christian Worldview

I like books about aviation but not much military topics. So when I was approached by the author to review his book “One of the Few: A Marine Fighter Pilot’s Reconnaissance of the Christian Worldview,” I told myself maybe this would spark my curiosity. And I took that as an honor.  My interest was piqued and I just had to find out what the novel was about.

Jason B. Ladd is a Christian apologist,  a Weapons and Tactics Instructor, a war veteran, a father, a husband, a brother, and a son.

The first few parts of the novel was light and nostalgic in a child-like manner as the author recounts his growing up days being a son of a military man.  His story about years spent in Japan and how he met his wife was a testament of the kind of person the author is – loving, respectful, gentleman, and loyal, not only to his family but also to his partner, and most especially, to his country.

The novel is split in 3 parts:

Part 1 – Seek and you shall find
As stated by the author, it is a look into his childhood in a military family.  It chronicles his journey as a spiritual seeker, his journey in the Marine Training, his constant battle with seeking his spiritual place whilst knowing what is right or wrong.

Part 2 – Be not deceived
In this part, the author is more descriptive of the worldview on spirituality, the right and wrong, the morals and values, Science versus Faith, and how worldview affects every facet of life.

Part 3 – Always be ready
This is the final part of the book where the author presented all his knowledge and experience on warfare and peace, and how to ready yourself with your own spiritual warfare.

As the story progressed, I got more hooked on how he went through with his adulthood, how he faced life in college, how his spirituality fizzled, how he wanted to have his own family, and how to complete his training as a US Marine to be a service man. I really enjoyed reading the time when he was training to be a Marine because as an ordinary citizen, I have no iota of a clue of how rigorous the trainings were and that how those training would push you to the very edge until you snap (or be molded as a stronger and better person). I had a clearer realisation of what goes on in a Marine’s life, how those training shaped their strength and will power. So, my hats off to them!

I like that even if there were moments that he had to relay his experience in the military, and about flying, he explained them as clear and specific as possible that I felt I was there, witnessing and feeling them all. And later on, I felt his inner battle when he was serving the military as a Marine versus to what being a Christian would do when faced with imminent danger or eye-to-eye with death.

The struggles of the author with his spirituality pulled a string in my heart as I grope with my own struggles about my faith.  And to read a book that somehow resonates a deep sense of “seeking” for the truth in terms of my spirituality, really strikes a chord.

The book is engaging while being technical and specific, strict and yet tender when it comes to the people he loves and the country he serves, and serious when it comes to seeking the truth about his faith. I love the book. I somehow see a part of myself in the author’s spiritual struggles. I like how the author would break each chapter with various quotes and bible verses that left me reflecting.

I feel that the book is really written well and is a very good read. It’s a long read, yes, but a very good one, even young readers can read it especially those who are dreaming to serve in the military. And for those who have been questioning their own spiritual “disconnection” (like myself…), I highly recommend this book to you. It gives you a deeper meaning on the complexity of your desire to acknowledge a Higher Being and abandoning that pride that keeps you away from reaching that spiritual breakthrough.

And to end this review, I just want to share this quote from the book:

“I found love twice on the Nishiki River. The first was my love for Karry. The second was God’s love for me.”

You will enjoy reading this book… I have.

Publisher: Boone Shepherd
Genre: Christian non-fiction
Page count: 318
Publish Date: November 2015
The book has endorsements from John Njoroge of RZIM, Frank Turek of, Michael Licona, and Melissa Cain Travis of HBU, Steven Garofalo of Reason For Truth, and LtCol (ret.) Karl Johnson of the C.S. Lewis Institute.


I was given a free e-book by the author, Jason B. Ladd, in exchange of my honest/unbiased review.

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