October 24, 2011

Complete Your Cold Season Look With Cool Socks

When it’s time to get busy with a pulled together look that keeps you warm and put together, there’s nothing like having a good supply of high quality socks on hand. Now there’s a great way to keep your sock drawer stocked with high quality items, and that’s by checking out the selection at www.unihosiery.com. This site has an incredible array of choices in socks, from spandex socks to sports socks, dress socks, support socks and a big selection of socks for boys and girls. The selection here is just amazing, and many of these items are carried in bulk at wholesale prices, so stocking up on socks is an absolute must!!

The colorful Mamia brand has great choices in fun and festive sock designs in ankle/crew length. These delightfully designed spandex socks come in patterns that range from unicorns, florals, panther print, multi-colored sea animals and more. These socks are cute and comfy as can be, so they’re sure to be a favorite with outfits of all kind.

Mopas is another top brand offered on www.unihosiery.com, and the socks from this brand offer durable construction with a very comfortable, stretchy feel. Ladies will love the knee-highs from mopas socks. These socks are offered in darling patterns like plush multi-colored leopard pattern and mulit-colored polka dots. These are the kind of socks you just have to stock up on, as you’ll be wearing them day in and day out!

Mopas also offers a lot of great choices in plush crew cut socks with non skid soles, in vibrant colors and wonderful wild stripes. These fetching little socks are sure to be a favorite for keeping your feet comfy and cozy.

Ladies who like an extra bit of comfort in their more delicate shoes, without the bulk of socks, will love the foot covers from Mopas. These sleek nylon foot covers go over just the toes and heels, to give your foot the coverage it needs while wearing heels or ballet flats. These foot covers come in beige or black, so they’re suitable for a range of shoe styles.

There’s no reason to let your delicate feet go naked and unprotected, not with the great array of sock style now available from www.unihosiery.com. Check out the selection and order up today!

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