October 26, 2011

Instant Address Label #rubberstampchamp

Are you one of those conventional people who prefer to send out paper holiday greetings rather than send an e-card to their family and friends? Have you sent your Christmas cards out? If not, then it must have been very tiring to write all those addresses on the envelope, including the return address.

Don’t let writing hinder you from sending those nice greeting cards you’ve purchased to be given out to your love ones. You can purchase a nice stamp and customize it with your return address so it is easier to stamp it on the envelopes. You can even add a signature stamp that you can use inside the greeting card. A great place to find high quality stamps is in rubberstampchamp.com. there are plenty to choose from but a self-inking stamp will be a good choice.

(photo credit: http://www.rubberstampchamp.com/)


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