November 27, 2011

Review – Bobino Slim Pen

I always carry a planner with me wherever I go. As such, it is important for me to have a pen readily available when I need to make an entry or when there’s an idea in my head that I need to jot down instantly before I forget it. The Bobino Slim Pen comes in handy for these reasons.

I am currently using my Erin Condren planner. You can actually clip your pen’s cover on the metallic coil but I love using various colours in my entries. The Bobina Slim Pen is just what I need to have an extra pen tucked in my planner.

Bobino is a European brand. It’s head office is in Breda, The Netherlands and it has production offices in Malaysia and in the US.

What I like:It’s not bulky but not quite flat.

It is light weight.

It’s only 4.5 inches long including the tip so if you have a smaller planner, this will fit.

The cap has an adhesive on the back where you can stick on your planner’s cover.

You can snap the pen on the cover easily.

It has a nice curve so you can have a better grip even if it is slim.

What I don’t like:
I’m not a big fan of fine-tip pens unless I have to draw something. I prefer 0.7 to 1.5 mm.

The ink is not as dark as I want my pen to be. It was not black. The ink is more of dark gray in color.

Price: AED 25

Packed in a clam-shell in-between light cardboards to secure the pen.

Specifications:Made in Malaysia

4.5 inches long from the top to pen’s tip

Made of hard plastic

Comes in various colours: pink, red, white, blue, black, green

My recommendation:
If you’re not fussy like I am with the darkness of the ink’s colour or the tip of the pen, this is a great pen to have and stick on your planners or appointment books. Not only that, this is also recommended to students who doesn’t have to carry their entire pen collection which will add weight to their bag.

To know more about this company and their super sleek products, you may visit their site:


I personally bought this pen for my own use and was not contacted by the manufacturer to conduct this review.

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