March 13, 2012

Celfie Wireless Mobile Phone Monopod Stick #celfiestick

** I received this product for free in exchange of my unbiased review. My feedback is 100% mine and may vary from yours.

I am not much of a “selfie” person who loves to take pictures of myself non-stop. I only do selfies when I feel like it or when I have to post some results of beauty products I have reviewed or when on a trip. Otherwise, I’m okay posing normally along with other people in a single snap.

I actually don’t have any selfie stick because I don’t see the need for it. However, I did realise that I need one during my trips because sometimes, it’s hard to get a picture of my entire family without one being the photographer and missing the whole pictorial thing.

So, I am thankful for this opportunity because it came very timely too. I can use it this weekend on my Euro trip with my friend and what better way to enjoy a scenic tour than to have loads of selfies!

What I like:
It is long selfie stick. It is only 8 inches when retracted and can be stretched to 3 ft. and 4 inches long up to the base of the phone’s secure snap
Fast charging (only an hour to fully charge)
Can support iOS and Android systems
Has bluetooth and the connectivity is fast and easy
Button on the handle for easy photography and video-taking session
Easy to use
The snap to hotel the camera has a rubberised snap the keep the phone in place
It is lightweight
And it is in PINK!
The handle has a ribbed grip so it doesn’t slip
There’s a switch on the bottom part of the handle to switch the bluetooth on and off
The bluetooth charger socket is also on the bottom of the handle
Can be plugged to your PC for charging
Has LED indicator when pairing with your phone device

What I don’t like:
No strap holder

My recommendation:
Even if this selfie stick doesn’t have any strap holder for added security so I don’t mistakenly drop the selfie stick, I still find this product very easy to use and really nice to use for selfie sessions and most especially on our trips abroad! Yes, I recommend this product for the selfie enthusiasts, parties, travels and many more.

This product is available at Amazon.

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