March 20, 2012

Review – Smart and Easy A9 Magnetic Cellphone Holder #SMARTandEASY

** I have received this product for free in exchange of my honest feedback. This review is also available in my Amazon profile.

We have used several types of cellphone holders which use clamps or suction cups to hold them securely on the dashboard or against glasses.  The problem with those other cellphone holders is that they tend to fall or loosen in time.

The Smart and Easy A9 Magnetic Cellphone holder is a magnetic holder which has a double adhesive to secure the main base to the dashboard. It is a bit heavy compared to the others cell phone holders but because it uses magnet, there’s no clamp to hold the phone or other smaller gadgets. The magnetic holder uses double adhesive to be stuck on the dashboard of your car. There is a round metal that you will attach to your phone or gadget. You just place the phone on top of the magnetic holder and that is it. Installation complete and no other fuss required.

The magnetic force is quite strong because my iPod Touch stays in place even if I have passed a bumpy road. It rotates 360 degrees, it is simple and very easy to use.

If you are wondering if the magnet will affect your phone or small tablet, the product sheet info in the package indicates that it won’t affect the phone nor gadget. So far, my iPod Touch is working fine and the battery load is still good.

The set comes with 2 metal sheets so you can attach the other one to another gadget. It also comes with a disinfectant wipe to use to clean the surface before you stick it to the dashboard.

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