August 28, 2012

Christmas in July in Cricut

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It’s only July and it’s still 5 months away until Christmas. Usually, crafters like myself start preparing holiday crafts by October or November so there’s enough time to make handmade cards, holiday decors and handmade and personalised gifts. However, starting your very own holiday craft as early July will be ideal and achievable. Do you know why? Well, Cricut is having a blast of Christmas stuff in July!

It’s never to early to start with your holiday crafts and you can do that now in July with Cricut. Cricut is offering plenty of resources you can use for you holiday projects, be it holiday box-making, embellishments for your cards and crafts and even Christmas ornaments.

Where do you begin with your holiday projects? Well, you can get inspiration from Cricut’s Christmas category. From there, you can choose which one appeals you and make plenty so you don’t run out of holiday stuff to go around.

You can download cutting shapes and kits from Cricut too for your projects. And these are just few of the many things you can do as early as now. So, take advantage of this fabulous offer and Celebrate Christmas in July with great deals at Cricut!

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