October 2, 2012

The Violette Bloom's Shop – Beautiful Holiday Wreaths For Your Home

Etsy is a great community where artisans, crafters, dressmakers, tailors and other budding entrepreneurs get to showcase their talent, skills, products and company. Most of these Etsy sellers are not big-time commercial shops where everything sold are mass-produced. Etsy is different and I am a staunch supporter of that endeavor.

One company that sells beautiful holiday wreaths to beautify your home regardless of season is The Violette Bloom’s Shop. The shop sells handcrafted wreaths and other home decor.

The shop specializes in creating yarn wreaths, felt flower wreaths, burlap wreaths and other holiday wreaths and home decor. These are certainly great ideas to give as gifts for they are unique and will last a long time. So, with these beautiful wreaths, you don’t have to keep replacing them because they will not wither compared to the real ones, and will be easy to dust-off and keep for the next holiday season.

Check out The Violette Bloom’s Shop at Etsy to find more of the creative and pretty wreaths and decor for your home. Check out these samples of holiday wreaths here:

Christmas Wreath

Halloween Wreath

This shop is in It’s My Party Holiday Gift Guide 2014.

(Photo credit: wreath photos and Etsy store logo are from Violette Bloom’s Shop)

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