December 22, 2012

Back To The Grind Again

And I’m baaaccckkk! Yup. Vacations are always short when you really, really need them. I’m glad I had this weeklong leave to spend with my daughter to bond while she is vacationing here in Dubai for her long summer transition break. It refreshed my spirit and soul. I always need vacations. I think everybody does no matter where you go or just intend to stay home. A vacation is a vacation.

I am back to the grind. It’s back to facing the realities of my life, pending product reviews to complete, blog articles to post, dreams to catch, health issues to deal with, bills to pay, house to clean, clothes to wash and press and work to face come Sunday.

Ah, why are vacations such short lived? Anyway, I still had fun. It’s the first time I’ve seen my daughter enjoying the trip so much that she was very proactive. I can’t blame her. She was very young when we visited Europe and this time around, she’s more mature and very eager to soak in the European culture, art, history and food.  I have to admit that I equally enjoyed her company now because she’s older and wiser. There’ll be more mom-daughter trip in the offing.

Well, so much for vacations. Hello reality!

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