January 28, 2013

Helping A Friend In Business

I am starting to hone my skills in marketing because one day, you’ll never know when I will need the skill to come handy. Of lately, I have been helping a friend market her products and so far, I have yet to understand how the earning scheme works to be able to convince a lot of interested parties to really sign up.

One thing that I thought of is making presentations or sending out teasers in the form of flyers or brochures to others so we can tap their awareness about the business and the products. If this happens, all I need is scout an affordable wholesale brochure printing company to produce the flyers or brochures.

It’s very interesting that I am getting my hands on marketing. I’m not really that savvy with the techniques and closing sales but it won’t hurt to learn a few tips and tricks now so that when I finally venture on my own business as my next source of income, I may be able to apply what I have learned.

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