January 20, 2013

High-End Headphone for Christmas

Yes, it’s only September but I am one of those people who start their Christmas list as early as the “Ber” month enters. That is me! And nothing’s wrong with that.

I am thinking of gift items to list down for family and friends this time. It’s not as lavish as the previous Christmases we had since mum’s no longer here with us to celebrate the joyous and blessed occasion. Knowing my mum, she loved the holidays so I am sure she would love for us to celebrate Christmas to honour her memory of showering all of us with her love… and gifts.

I am eyeing some stuff for particular people in my life, especially my daughter. She’s into collecting headphones so this one is so perfect for her. It’s a v-moda m-100 noise isolating headphone so she will love this a lot!

(Photo not mine/credit to guitarcenter.com)

I think my husband, who loves listening to music, will fancy one too!

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