January 7, 2013

Review – Linkyo Liquid Chalk Markers #B00XKFAJ6W

** I have received this product for free in exchange of my honest review/feedback.

I have already tried another brand of coloured liquid chalk markers. I have also tried a white liquid chalk marker and most of them are similar in ink consistency, how they look when applied on smooth and non-porous surfaces. I like all of them.

Linkyo is also similar. I also like this brand because it is bright, colourful and comes in 8 colours in a box.

The markers dry fast.

They are easy to use and the nibs are also interchangeable to chiselled or rounded tip.

(I used Linkyo markers on our bedroom door. The colours are vivid!)

What I don’t like:

I wish they come in many more colours!

Where to buy:


My recommendation:

I give this product my thumbs up. I like the vivid colours and how easy they are to use.

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