January 18, 2013

Take Care Of Your Guitars

Music lovers who takes care of their musical instruments like a friend will agree with me when I say that it is important to take care of your guitars. If you are a guitarist, you will probably have the necessary tools and items needed to care for your guitars.

Here are what you need if you are new to having a guitar:

Hard case

This is important especially when you travel and take your guitar along. The hard case protects your guitar from the elements, scratches, and other damages when exposed.

Guitar rack

If you have several guitars, it is best to put them up on a black 6 packs rack. The rack holds up guitars and keep them out of the way, from the floor and from tipping and falling.


Music shops who sell guitars may have special polish to use for guitars. The polish adds shine and protection to the natural wood grain of the guitar. Furniture polish can also be used to keep the guitar shiny.

Metal cleaning compound

The metal parts of the guitar must also be regularly cleaned using a good metal cleaning compound that is safe for your guitar.  Try Menzerna Wax for this purpose.

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