January 8, 2013

Thank You Lord for my 42nd Birthday

Another birthday, another year. I hope this time, I will be more appreciate of what I have and will learn more from the mistakes I have done in the past. I also hope that this year, I will truly give my health a chance because it went spiraling. All my fault but I’m not getting any younger.

Each year, I strive to be a better person. It’s not always easy but I kid you not, I try. Each year, I thank the Lord for this precious gift that sometimes I take for granted. And God never fails to shower me His love and blessings inspite of my shortcomings. I fail, I trip, I make mistakes but I change. I wish to change for the better, if not the best. I may not be the best daughter for my mom, the best mom for my daughter, the best wife for my husband, the best friend for my pals, the best employee for my boss but I guess, I am one of the best in the eyes of God.

I want to thank everyone who greeted me on my special day. You’ve made my birthday so wonderful!

(My daughter owns the graphic above. Pls. do not use without my permission.)

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