February 27, 2013

5 Obscure Careers You Should Consider

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Deciding what to do in your career can sometimes be difficult. There is the idea of what training you might need to undertake to complete the job and then how lucrative the job might be or how much room for development there will be. Here are a few jobs to consider that although slightly obscure, are well worth considering:

Social media advertising rep

Have you been on Facebook and seen those sponsored advertisements that pop up down the side of your page? Ever wondered how they get there or how you could get your business promoted in the same way? That is where a social media advertising rep comes in. Like traditional sales people, their job is to sell advertising – but purely on social media sites and maximise the exposure their clients get. With social media constantly on the rise and changing and evolving, big businesses know that this is the place to go to capture people’s attention and demand for social media advertising representatives will be on the rise.

Data Architects

No these people don’t ‘design data’, more so they manage and direct it. With the trend towards for companies and government agencies to store data and information in cloud based systems it is becoming increasingly important to employ people who manages the direction of this data and movement of it into database systems. This involves upper level IT skills using maths for data modelling, which involves creating and maintaining database systems. There are accredited courses and degrees in this area now and it will take a few years at a general IT level job to acquire the skills necessary to undertake this type of role. To get an idea of roles that are similar head to an HR firm that specialises in these types of jobs like  Just Digital People .

White Hat Hacker

You might think of a hacker as a bad person who programs systems to steal data. However there is a more ethical side to hacking which is used to find loopholes in an IT system and break into it. Companies hire White Hat hackers to actually hack into their own security systems for testing methods to identify problems and vulnerabilities that a potentially malicious hacker could target. With companies relying on the internet more and more, people with a degree in computer science or information technology are increasingly relied on to carry out this important role and are paid handsomely for it.

Professional Sleeper

If you aren’t someone who jumps out of bed happily in the morning perhaps you should consider becoming a professional sleeper. Yes it is a real job and yes people get paid for it. Bed companies increasingly seek people who get paid to sleep and test out their products. Similarly, universities and researchers pay people to sleep so they can analyse behaviours and dreams for research purposes.

Beer Taster

Again it might be hard to believe but that is a definite job that will result in you getting paid. Lots of breweries employ people with particularly adept palates to test and review their products before they go to market.

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