February 1, 2013

Considering Patient Needs

Working with patients comes with several challenges. It is important to tend to their physical, mental and emotional needs. Many healthcare workers and caretakers work long shifts to make sure that patients are taken care of efficiently. It can be difficult to make sure that all of the necessary supplies are nearby, but it is easy to keep items on hand when they are ordered in bulk. There are also other ways to make the task of caring for others easier.

Obtain Complete Health Histories

When taking care of an individual, it is important to know everything about their history. They may forget to mention a detail that can make a big difference. For patients with memory loss, it is often helpful for the patient’s family member to help fill in the blanks. Make sure that a patient provides complete allergy information. Some patients do not realize how critical this is. The prevalence of latex allergies means that bulk nitrile gloves are often a better option, as non-latex gloves will not cause the allergic reactions and rashes that latex gloves often cause.

Determine Physical Capabilities

Each patient will progress at a different rate, and it is essential to work with the proper professionals to determine what each patient can accomplish. Many patients may be able to walk on their own, but others will need assistance. Healthcare based business, such as HME Medical Shop, offer walkers that can help support patients as they try to move on their own. Patients will become frustrated if they do not receive enough help or if they are not given enough independence. This is why it is important to correctly assess each patient.

Keep Timely Records

Recordkeeping is incredibly important in order for patients to make progress. Updates should routinely be provided to all members of the patient’s healthcare team. Many patients will be interacting with multiple doctors, nurses and therapists. It is critical that all of the healthcare team members have updates regarding a patient’s relapse or progress.

With the proper equipment, taking care of patients can be made a much easier task. There are so many challenges in providing quality care without the stress of ordering supplies. Having adequate supplies on hand can relieve a great amount of stress.

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