February 17, 2013

Different Chewable Types of Vitamins For Your Kids

Kids are fussy when it comes to giving vitamins for them to swallow. If you have children who are 12 yrs and below, giving them supplements to add to their daily sustenance can be a challenge because some of them may find swallowing tablets daunting and other don’t like the taste of the liquid form.

So, if you are faced with these kinds of issues and still have to give vitamins to your kids, consider the chewable forms. Vitamins these days comes in different sizes, colours and forms. Your kids may even find it interesting now to take their supplements if they see these:

Gummy Bears

(Photo credit: functionalfitnessllc.org)

Various shapes like circle, heart, etc.

(Photo credit: yahoo images)

Smurf characters

(Photo credit: bluebuddies.com)

Fruit shapes

(Photo credit: bonanza.com)

Flintstones characters

(Photo credit: yahoo images)

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