March 28, 2013

Review – Toucoul Coulvue Holder for Mini iPad

** I have received this product for free in exchange of my honest/unbiased feedback/review.

I only use a normal cover to avoid scratches for my mini iPad. It is justifiable to have something that can protect my gadget from slipping because my iPad has slipped from my hands a couple of times already. Thank goodness, it did not land on the floor on those occasions. But what if it fell smack on the floor? This is the reason why I tried this product because I have butter fingers and I can’t afford to drop my mini iPad on hard surfaces when it slips.

The Toucoul Coulvue holder is a snap holder that keeps my mini iPad safe on my very own hands. It has a magnetic, removable non-slip handle that can be removed if you need to put your iPad in your bag or want to store it. You can snap the handle back when you want to hold it snugly without the chances of dropping it by mistake. Why is that? You actually slip your hand/palm inside the handle as if you are holding a book but the Toucoul Coulvue holder is sleeker because it is not very tight nor too loose that you’ll accidentally let your iPad slip. The holder base itself is a clear base that is snapped on four corners of the gadget. It is very snug. If there’s one thing I have to comment about this product is that. The base is very tight. It is both an advantage and disadvantage. It is an advantage because you know for a fact that your gadget will never slip from the base. It is a disadvantage because it is a bit hard to take off from the iPad. I had to carefully pry the base from the sides without damaging the sides of my gadget and the protective film of my gadget. But I would take it as an advantage given my tendency to drop things. At least, I am very assured that the base fits my iPad and that my gadget will not get loose by chance.

Another good thing about this product is that, the smart cover still fits okay even when the base is attached. So now, I have double protection for my mini iPad.

I will definitely recommend this product for the reason that it protects my iPad and prevents me from slipping the gadget by mistake or letting it fall. It also helps when I need to hold the iPad for sometime because the handle can be used as a stand if you want to put the iPad on your table to watch or read. It is a very versatile holder and protective cover at the same time.

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It is also available in various sizes perfect for the iPad Air, iPad Air 2, and mini iPad.
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