March 19, 2013

Smoothie For Breakfast

Well, it’s been a while since I prepared myself and my daughter a healthier drink to have for breakfast. I decided to cleanse for a while in time for my weight loss goal regimen.

I started yesterday with a glass of banana strawberry plus honey smoothie. I added low fat yoghurt and half the small packet of frozen strawberries with cuts of fresh strawberries too just to make the smoothie a bit thick in consistency.

It was refreshing and we felt full even way past lunch time.

To get my super easy to prepare smoothie, head on to my other blog here: Home Is Where The Heart Is

Feel free to add some variations just refrain from using sugar and full cream style yoghurt or else, you’ll just defeat the purpose of trying to cut down on calories. As for my daughter, she’s not having this every day and she’s not trying to lose weight like I do. It’s just a more healthy option to have in the morning rather than a cup of coffee with sugar in it.

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