June 7, 2013

Father's Day Gift Ideas From Minted

Mother’s Day passed and it’s time we focus the klieg lights to the man of the house – the DADs! We have celebrated Mother’s Day with such fanfare and I feel the great Dads out there need a special day like Father’s Day where we can thank them profusely for the contributions they have done to us, our families and in the community. Just like moms, they too need a pat on the back and this coming Father’s Day, why not give the special super hero DAD in your family and circle great gifts from Minted?

Here are just a few of your choices and if you visit Minted, you’ll find many more fresh ideas printed on lovely paper products for the super hero DAD to love. Take your pick and don’t forget to visit Minted’s blog, Julep, and download their Father’s Day Salsa printable label just for the super fabulous DADs who loves Salsa (the food…wink!).

Shop from Minted and choose from a myriad of creative and fresh designs printed on journals and notebooks for Dad. Visit this: Shop for Dad

Is Dad running out of business cards or he’s still using those ho-hum ones? Times to up the ante with these great Minted business cards just for Dad. Shop here: Minted business cards for Dad

How about some Minted’s Personalized Stationery to go with the cards?

If he’s the art aficionado, the creative designs from Minted will be a great gift for him. Click on the image to see more designs at Minted.

Minted's Limited Edition Art Prints

What ever design you choose for your Dad and whatever paper product you purchase from Minted, rest assured that these items will be carefully processed using their high-quality products, superb customer service, reliable shipping and fancy packaging.

Take your pick and give Dad the great gifts from Minted for Father’s Day this June 15.

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