July 7, 2013
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Why Buy Copic Markers?

Ever since I got hooked to making cards, I have always dreamed of owning a full set of Copic Markers. This brand is widely used by artists, graphic designers, illustrators, card makers and so much more.
Copic is a brand made by Too, a Japanese firm and is distributed in the US, Canada and Europe areas. The markers have a wide, square body for easy grip, and 2 nibs (flat for bigger strokes and pointy for little strokes). The inks are refillable and nibs are replaceable, making this brand a popular one.
Copic markers does not come cheap because of the many things it can do in drawings, sketches and projects. And also, since it also boasts the refillable and replaceable feature which other alcohol-based markers don’t, this is a wise investment.
The marker comes in 5 types: Original, Sketch, Ciao, and Comic. They are come in various packaging and available in hundreds of various colors.
I am saving for this big purchase because my daughter can use it too for her manga drawings while I will use it for my stamped images. It’s just to pricey at the moment so I cannot buy.
So, if you’re into crafts, drawing, sketches, rendering or an illustrator or simply have a flair for colors, consider purchasing Copic Markers.
Sample of Copic markers:

Photo credit: yahoo images

Sample of Copic projects:

www.riablahgs.com Copic markers
Photo credit: Copicmarker.com
www.riablahgs.com Copic Tilda
Photo credit: Etsy.com
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