August 19, 2013

All Star Fundraising with Ice Cream

An ice cream fundraiser is a fun and easy way to raise money for any organization, group or school. One of the things to keep in mind is that you need tasting spoons if you are planning a large social event so that those in attendance can see what flavor they want without wasting the product. Another option is to let guests place an order for the ice cream that they way, using spoons to sample the products so that they know what it will taste like when it arrives.
With Gelato Products, both setups are simple as a sundae!
If there is a large festival in your town, consider operating an ice cream booth. A few tables can be set up to hold the ice cream flavors and frozen yogurt spoons along with the other supplies. There should also be one or two tables for guests to sit at so that they can enjoy their ice cream without walking around. You can display a donation jar or charge a minimal amount for each scoop that is sold.

One of the ways that you can raise money for a school is to send home a sheet of paper or a catalog of various kinds of ice cream that can be purchased. The ice cream would need to be delivered at a later date so that it’s kept frozen. A portion of the money raised would go back to the school for items like playground equipment, office supplies and tools for the classroom. Gelato cups and spoons can be used at a kickoff event so that students and teachers can sample the products that are for sale.

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