August 5, 2013

Hassle-free Way To Get Your Custom-Tailored Suits Online at

Who would have thought that getting your very own custom-tailored suit will be fast and easy with a click of a button? is an online shop that offers custom-tailored suits, blazers, shirts and accessories for men.  It focuses on the practicality of having your own custom-made suits and shirts to provide that perfect fit, ease of movement, comfort in your own clothes and style. online custom-tailor shop is an easy to navigate site for the first time visitors. It has a clean template offering visitors a chance to see the wide-variety of suits, shirts and accessories to choose from.  There are several tabs on the header that will help you navigate through the site’s various categories, namely:

  • New
  • Suits
  • Shirts
  • Blazers
  • Accessories
  • More (coats, pants, vest, fabric swatches, tape measure and gift cards)

When you click on the tabs, you will be able to see the various products under each categories. Each product shown gives further details on the piece, the fabric used and various images to view the piece in different angles.

There is a clear instruction too on how the custom-tailor made process works so you only get to order the design, style, color and type that you want based on the right measurements. So, no ill-fitting clothes, long hemlines, loose sleeves or bad materials and colors, just the right style and piece you have designed and custom-made for yourself. The instruction on how to go through the custom-tailor process is also filled with illustrations making your experience as simple and hassle free as possible.

Payment is easy too and the site is a secured e-commerce site. Major credits cards and PayPal are accepted as payment schemes. will not let you look like a drab with your ill-fitting business attire that is why it is a good decision to have your business suits and shirts custom-made with the highest quality materials at reasonable price done by a professional team. Tailored items will be available approximately 2 weeks and will be ready to deliver in any of these couriers: DHL, FedEx or UPS to ensure you get your suits and shirts on time. Aside from shipping your goods via well-known courier services, Ownonly will also shoulder the shipping for any orders above $99! Now, that is a very good deal to take!

Don’t compromise with quality, ease and comfort. For a suit as low as $239 and shirt for $64, try Ownonly’s custom-tailored suits, shirts, blazers, coats and other accessories because you know you are getting the right fit and style for your own body and fashion type.

To know more about the company and its various custom-tailored pieces, visit

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