September 19, 2013
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Baby Showers For Twins

There are few times in a woman’s life as important and when she finds out she’s having a baby; there are even fewer times when it’s a dramatic as when she finds out she’s having twins! Two bundles of joy both scheduled to arrive together is enough to make anyone panic, as suddenly all the expensive baby stuff needs buying times two. This is where generous friends and family can help out by organising a twin themed baby shower full of tips and support, and well as gifts to help ease the transition for mum and dad.
The most important thing is to check the venue is friendly for a woman with two ‘on board’: no massive staircases, lots of comfortable seats, and easy access to the toilet are all top priorities. Pick a place that’s already a favourite of mum so there won’t be any nasty surprises, and book ahead to be sure a table and plentiful chairs are provided.
Send out invites well in advance as there’s nothing worse that the most important guests being absent as they have other commitments. Much like a wedding needs its bridesmaids, baby showers need the mum’s closest family and friends present to feel truly complete. And for anyone who sadly can’t make it try to think of ways to keep them involved – getting a nice message from them to be read out on the day in their absence has a lovely sentiment and will often bring tears to mum’s eyes.
Ensure food and drink are available. Expectant mothers are renowned for their desire to ‘eat for two’, so when they’re ‘eating for three’ there really has to be good quality delicious food available on demand (and mum may demand quite a lot!). Remember the guests too, although mum won’t be having a tipple some of the guests might like a glass of Champagne or bucks fizz for a toast so ensure the bar has some on ice in advance.
Coordinate gifts. This doesn’t have to mean a formal gift list but checking in advance what mum and dad really need will be gratefully received. With twins something as simple as finding a decent changing bag can be traumatic. Luckily, field leaders such as Baby Mel offer brilliant solutions, such a single bag that can be split into two just in case the babies need to be separated for a while they can have a changing bag each, a genius idea.
Of course, if you really want to treat mum everyone could all chip in for one big gift instead. A Sugarjack changing bagis the ultimate in style, and will add a touch of luxury to the daily life of a mum who will spend at least the first six month of her babies’ lives in an unglamorous cycle of nappy changing, feeding, and sleepless nights (and sleepless days too probably). Remember, a baby shower is to show her you all care, and she deserves to be spoilt.

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