September 26, 2013

Chic Bridesmaid Dresses

There are plenty of ways to dress up now in a wedding event. During my time, the norm was to wear something fancy all the time as wedding events are considered formal. Everyone was expected to dress to the nines.

Times have changed. Young ladies and girls can now wear chic and updated styles of bridesmaid gowns that will suit a fancy affair especially if the wedding’s attire is casual to formal.

More and more hip and modern couple opt for a casual to semi-formal attire for their entourage and guests. These bridesmaid dresses are more affordable than the formal wear. You can still wear a floor length gown even when the attire calls for a casual wear as long the gown does not have luxurious materials and glamorous embellishments that can categorise it as being formal.

So, which dresses can be considered as acceptable for casual to semi-formal event? Here are some pointers:


Casual dresses will usually be short and may even have asymmetrical hemline. These dresses can be accentuated with a sharp coat, bolero or a nice cardigan. Here are some samples:


Most casual to semi-formal bridesmaid dresses are simple with less frills and embellishments.  The gowns are not similar to ballgowns. They are rather straight cut, with a slit or short A-line dresses.


Casual to semi-forma gowns are usually made of chiffon fabric, organza, lace and satin. Some are even made of fabric with lycra for a fitted look and cut.

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