September 23, 2013

DIY: Stylish Bird Feeder Ideas for Your Yard

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There is nothing quite like stepping outside and enjoying your morning coffee with the sound of birds chirping in your yard. Attracting birds to the yard is easy, you just have to create a space that feels inviting to them. Installing a bird feeder will ensure that you will attract birds to your yard, all year around, and it’s relatively easy to make something great, and long lasting; with a little know how. All you need is a few bits and pieces, some STIHL power tools, and you are on your way to having a garden wonderland for local birds to visit. Here are 5 DIY bird feeder ideas for your garden.

Hanging Bird Feeders

Because birds are creatures of the air, they love to access a feeder that is high up. Making a feeder that sits high in a tree is very easy and you will find that it attracts loads of different species of birds. For the plate of the feeder you can use anything from a woven basket, to an old metal pie pan, and anything will be good as long as you can attach string, or thin chain to it so it can be hung from a tree branch.

Bird Bath Feeder

There is one thing that birds love just as much as eating food, and that is playing in water. A bird bath feeder with a place for water will mean that the birds come regularly to drink and splash in the water, and you will be graced with their beautiful presence in your garden often. A bird bath feeder can be made from anything that holds water and can be placed either on the ground, in a branch of a tree, or on a pole into the ground.

Simple Standing Bird Feeder

A simple design of a standing bird feeder can be achieved very easily by attaching a plate, or some sort of flat dish to a pole, or piece of wood that is stood up in the ground. One great idea that some people use is an old tin dustbin lid turned upside down, for an extra-large bird feeder, but smaller dishes can be attached in the same way by screwing or nailing it to the post.

Photo credit: yahoo images

Self Filling Bird Feeder

If you are a busy person and do not have time to remember to always ensure that there is seed in the feeder, then a self-filling one may be the best option for your garden. There are many different self-filling feeders available on the market that you can look at to get ideas. Once you have your design, it is simply a matter of getting the wood and nails, and creating your feeder.

Twig Roof Bird Feeder

The twig roof feeder is a variation on the self-filling bird feeder. It is usually made in the shape of a house and the roof is made of twigs that are collected and attached to the roof in a formation. You don’t need to be a genius to make one of these, and it doesn’t have to look perfect, just trust your instincts about how to place and secure the twigs.

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