September 22, 2013
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Early Birthday Planning For My Soon-To-Be Sweet 16

My daughter will turn 16 in less than 5 months from now. I am already starting to plan her small party at home and I want it to be special. I don’t want to tell her anything about it because I want to surprise her. However, she is not into this girly stuff or cute motif  nor she is a big fan of anything pink so I am figuring out how to wow her with what I have in mind.

I know the birthday is not yet soon but it is a wise decision to plan it earlier so I can check my budget, how many will be invited, what food to offer and who are available that time to help me organize and set up the whole shindig.

I have been checking the internet for some party supplies that I can use for the occasion. I am also scouring for possible themes to choose so I am not stuck on a single idea when there are plenty out there. There are a few that stand out and I am figuring out how incorporate her favorite manga characters in the theme and background design. I don’t want the whole thing to look cluttered so I will probably need to have a ready party checklist so I don’t omit anything out of frantic. Below is a mini checklist with a timeline for everyone to note of for a stress-free birthday planning at home.

Getting started: 8 to 12 weeks before the big day
___ Make a guest list
___ Create a party budget
___ Choose a Party Theme
___ Make a food list
___ Decide if you will go for a caterer or cook at home
___ Enlist the help of a relative or friend to organize the event with you
___ Book entertainment, such as DJ, clown, or emcee if you need one
___ Book photographer and/or videographer. Usually in this case, I can ask my husband to act as both.        Big savings!
___ Pick out designs for invitations and the wordings. In this one, I make handmade cards so I have this        covered.

4 to 6 weeks before the big day
___ Order decorations and party supplies such as balloons, party plates and utensils, streamers, confettis
___ Have a personalized banner
___ Guest book or anything the guests can sign on to commemorate the event
___ Plan menu and create shopping list
___ Order cake or you can start thinking of something you can bake at home
___ Order linens and other party rentals such as chairs and tables (if you will have plenty of guests)
___ Choose and personalized centerpieces
___ Pick out and order party favors. This one I can commission myself. Another savings!
___ Think of Wearables for the photo shoot (hats, sunglasses, fake mustache, monocles, fake tattoos)

2 to 3 weeks before the big day
___ Decide on party games and activities
___ Collect RSVPs and tally with the original list of guests
___ Follow up on orders if you decided to do catering and ordered cake from the bakeshop, invitations        and souvenirs

1 week before the big event
___ Clean the house (this will be applicable to me since it will be held at home)
___ Buy necessary groceries

2 days before the main event
___ Confirm entertainment, rentals, etc. if necessary
___ Put together and arrange party favors/goodie bags

The day before
___ Put up the party decorations. It is wise to ask the assistance of someone so the job is done fast.
___ Clean bathrooms and other areas in the house that can be accessed by the guests
___ Check batteries in camera and video cam are all well charged and ready to be used
___ Prepare any party food that will keep well. If you decided to make the cake yourself then now is            the best time to bake, decorate and store it.
___ Do not miss out the candles and matches for the cake

The big day we all have been waiting for!
___ Pick up other party supplies like balloon, ice bags, etc.
___ Finish decorating party area
___ Set up for party games
___ Prepare perishable food
___ Gather serving pieces

It does pay to do an early planning so you can check if anything is amiss as this is in fact a very special day for my daughter. I am crossing my fingers that I will be able to pull this through because seeing her and the guests enjoy the big day will make me and her dad happy too.

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