September 23, 2013

Migraine Triggers To Take Note Of

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I have been a migraine sufferer since I developed hypertension. I recall not having migraine episodes when I was younger and “healthier.” I just noticed how I get regular attacks whenever my blood pressure is soaring or when my sinusitis is about to go full blown.
It is best to watch out for migraine triggers so you can avoid it and spare yourself from the painful and throbbing episodes of migraine. Below are some of the triggers that migraine sufferers should watch out for:
Migraine sufferers are like barometers. When the weather is too hot and humid, I tend to develop migraine. So, being in this hot and humid country in the Middle East is not a big help for me whenever the long summer months come. I had to make sure I am well ventilated to prevent any migraine attacks.
I also get migraine when it’s extremely cold. I remember the time we were in Niagara and the temperature was -4. I almost puked. I got a migraine attack and had to sleep it through the whole day.
Strong Scent
I easily get migraine at the first whiff of flowery or very strong woodsy perfume. I remember I had an officemate who loved to use strong rose scented perfume that could be smelled from a mile. I endured it for several months but I had it when my migraine got worse. It was tough but I had to do something about it. I would usually carry a fruity scented spray and whenever she was near, I would counter the flowery scent with my fruity (and sometimes vanilla) scented sprays. Worked like a charm without having to tell her to stop using her very strong perfume.
Also, body odor is part of the strong scent category. The only problem when body odor is, it is very difficult to address the issue especially if the person is a stranger.
Lack of sleep/Sleeping very late
This is something I am guilty about. Lack of sleep leaves you tired and having less or no quality sleep to boot. Lack of sleep can also lead to fatigue which also trigger migraine.
Very bright or flickering lights
I never liked disco halls because of the flickering lights. I get dizzy and ends up with a very throbbing migraine. Avoid bright lights too as it can trigger migraine attack.
If you are constantly suffering from migraine and the frequency is a little concerning, do consult your physician for a more thorough checkup to see underlying causes.

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