October 1, 2013

My Daughter's Drawing Skill In Action

We were at Virgin Megastore in Dubai mall 2 weeks ago and my daughter saw this big Asus touchscreen and started tinkering on it. Initially, I thought she was just checking out the big screen, little did I know that she was already drawing using the Windows 8 Fresh Paint tool.
I know that my daughter is really talented when it comes to drawing but I haven’t watched her doodle using a tablet. It was the first time I have seen her actually draw in public and right there and then. She didn’t hold back and I was impressed.
I have uploaded a video of her drawing and please bear with my being a “stage mother” on the sideline as you would hear me ask her every now and then. Also, please bear with the quality of the video. The original is very clear but Blogger won’t accept my phone’s video format.
I do hope she lands a good deal after her college days with one of the famous animation studios we’re eyeing – Studio Ghibli and Disney. Any execs of those firms reading this blog? Take note of this kid. She’ll be in any of your firms after her graduation.
Update – lost the video while migrating… tsk-tsk! 12Jan2018

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