November 28, 2013

Scents To Help You Destress

Stress is one of the culprits of a manic lifestyle. Aside from work and environmental issues, personal, health and financial problems can elevate our stress level to a new height.

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we must learn how to slow down, take a back seat or step back for a while to let things just flow, even without us. And one of the ways to help destress without causing a dent in our pockets is to relax our olfactory senses with the scents that help us calm and relax.


Peppermint or anything from the mint family has that “perk-me-up” effect to help sluggish people to get that extra boost.


The nice scent of Lavender is associated to the feeling of contentment.  That is why, Lavender is commonly used in stress relief lotions, pillow mists and body oils. It is known to reduce cortisol levels so it is a good choice for those trying to get some sleep or relax after a long, tiring and stressful day.


The sweet aroma of vanilla helps relax the tired mind. I gives of that sense of peace, sweetness and everything nice to its scent. Aside from it being used in food preparation, vanilla is also a nice scent to add in your aromatherapy pot.


Studies show that Rosemary can help improve performance and mood. So, if you are having a bad day at school or at work, it is nice to put some rosemary oil on your aromatherapy pot, or add few drops in a tub to soak in for a warm bath. This is perfect for those who still have things to do and need to get things done. It is a great pick-me-up scent.


Lemon or most citrus scents has the property as anti-depressant.  It is the perfect choice for mood enhancement.


This scent has a woodsy and calming tone that is best for those who are sad, grieving of depressed.

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