January 12, 2014

Boost Your Social Presence In Various Social Networks and Platforms

Well, blogging opportunities have dwindled big time. Not a lot of companies are hiring bloggers now for fear of getting penalized. However, as a blogger, I think that shouldn’t stop us from improving in our blogging skills and continue to promote our presence in the world wide web, more so, in the the social networking scene.

How do you do that?

Continue to post quality contents

Join various blogging forums where you can discuss and bounce off ideas with other bloggers

Contact companies to offer your blog for review or writing opportunity

Register in social media networks such as FB, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

Share your posts through various social media networks

Attract followers!

Well, the last one may be a bit daunting but if you join this site, you’ll be able to find new bloggers with similar niche as yours that you can follow and he/she may follow back. One way to gain more followers and boosting your social media presence is by joining here:


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