March 11, 2014
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Tips for Clothes Shopping With Your Teens

It was so easy to buy clothes for my daughter when she was younger. I could easily get away dressing her up like a little ballerina, princess or even a fairy when I wanted to without any resistance. Now that my daughter has come of age where she knows exactly what she wants, the color she prefers and the styles that make her comfortable, buying clothes for her has become a challenging task.

And being her mom, I would have my own style and preference too. We sometimes clash on her selections either because I find them too short or even borderline grungy and loud. There are certain limitations for us parents when it comes to shopping clothes for our teens. There are considerations we need to note without pushing what we think and feel is right for them.

To avoid confrontation and enjoy retail therapy with them, here are some tips for clothes shopping with your growing teens.

· Discuss the type of clothing your teen wants and how much you are willing to spend for them.

· Establish a common ground where a piece of clothing is borderline tacky and revealing. Teens these days prefer to show off too much skin. Explain to them the repercussions of getting drafty and ending up sick with too much skin exposure. Modesty is still in demand.

· Respect your teen’s preferences in color and style. However, bring to your teen’s attention when the style is off or too weird for their lovely appearance.

· Browse the fashion magazines or websites like on for fashionable styles, but check on styles that are timeless too. These classics like a chiffon blouse or a poplin shirt for the lads will not make them look a generation older, rather, more respectable, clean and preppy. Classic looks never go out of style. They can be paired with a nice denim jean or Bermuda shorts without looking too old. Just because they are classic and timeless doesn’t mean they are boring outfits.

· Invest on some basic tees, graphic tees, blouses or shirts that can be worn with a pair of good jeans, khaki pants, and billowy skirts for the young girls and Bermuda shorts for the young lads.

· Play with colors so there is always something fun, subdued, warm and interesting in the ensemble that can be worn interchangeably as the season changes.

· Buy some printed leggings, tight fit, straight-cut or comfort fit jeans too. Sometimes, it is nice to pair a lovely blouse or shirt with tight jeans and match it with a nice pair of boots or ballet flats. There are times when we have to let our teens feel how it is to wear comfortable jeans without restricting blood circulation. These kinds of jeans are great for traveling, school or running errands too. The loose fit makes it easy for our teens to move around with comfort and style similar to the palazzo pants.

· Lastly, add few accessories if necessary. Complete the ensemble with nice long chains or chokers, a beanie or cap or head accessories to compliment the entire getup.

Sometimes, we have to let form over matter rule go out of the window. What we think may look good on them may actually be awkward when they try them on and same way goes to how they see clothes. So, enjoy shopping clothes with your teens for them to wear.

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