May 12, 2014

Day To Night Dressing Tips in Las Vegas On A Budget

One of the most frequented places in the US is Las Vegas. It is famous for the many grand hotels, restaurants, and casinos lining up the main road called The Strip. If there are grand hotels, casinos and restaurants, then that means, there are people who has to dress up to the nines!

Visiting Las Vegas anytime of the year is a nice way to strut your fashionable clothes and wares because you can dress up if you wish due to the many events to attend to and shows to watch, not to mention the fine dining experience. While there is no specific rule to come in full dazzling swing, it is nice to be able to transition yourself into a casual Jane to a glamorous diva when the situation calls for it without having to spend a fortune. You don’t want to look like a sticking sore thumb amidst glittery party goers in one of Las Vegas luxurious hotels, right?

I honestly do not spend so much on my clothes, shoes and accessories as long as they are appropriate to the occasion and venue. Las Vegas is a place where you can get carried away spending money so if your interested in planning a trip check out some of the Las Vegas deals​. Below are my tips on how to transition your day wear to night wear on a budget when you are in Las Vegas.

The Classic Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress or LBD must be a staple in your wardrobe. And mind you, it does not have to be that high-end designer brand too. During the day, you can strut your little black dress as it is with few accessories and a flat ballerina shoes for that long walking you will do around The Strip. You can carry a soft and light cardigan during the day if it feels a bit cold while you can change that into a jacket or coat with sequins or bead works.

Any little black dress when coupled with a fancy bolero or fine suit can ultimately pass another level of sophistication during the night like the one in the photo below.

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The Black and White Combo

Black and White are perfect for each other. They can be worn during the day or night. A great example of this ensemble is a white poplin shirt, black trousers, a nice looking shoes and some accessories which you can glam up during the night with just few modifications.

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Add a dark coloured blazer, wear some fancy bling and you are now strutting your day shirt to a posh event.

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Pencil Skirt

I am not a big skirt fan but  I can’t deny the fact that the pencil skirt is a clothing staple too that we should have in our closet. It is a perfect chameleon in the closet because you can wear it seriously or playfully during the day with matching high-heels or sneakers and be totally glitzy at night with the right accessories and glittery top.


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Dark-coloured trousers

Black is really great to transition from day to night. It is a classic hue and you can pair your black trousers with anything to compliment it. However, I will suggest to have not only black but also another dark-coloured trouser in your closet. You can wear your dark trousers during the day while you are out and about in Las Vegas, probably roaming in the nearby outlet malls and come evening, change your blouse into something formal.



(both photos: pinerest)

These are just few tips you can try to transition from day to night wear in Las Vegas without having to blow your savings buying over-the-top clothes and accessories. Your article of clothing need not be designer. There are plenty of affordable wear that you can buy and mix and match with another garment in your closet.

Plan your outfit well according to the events you will attend to and shows to watch. Note the requirement to dress appropriately in some areas too.  Enjoy dressing up in Viva Las V

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