June 3, 2014

Sandgrens New York Low Heel Clog Boots Review

** I have received this product complimentary from Sandgrens in exchange of my unbiased review.

Getting happy mail is something that makes up my day. Imagine receiving one, big, happy package from Sandgrens few days ago? I was ecstatic! Why? It is because I was given the opportunity to review the New York Low Heel Boots from Sandgrens. It’s just not any ordinary boots. It’s made with high-grade leather material, wooden sole, and the fine craftmanship from Sandgrens! I have been dreaming about this clog boots for sometime but didn’t purchase because it was out of my budget league. Suffice to say, I have bought a sandals from Sandgrens during one of their sale but have missed this one. And now that I am the happy owner of this lovely boots, I am beaming with joy!


Sandgrens is a company founded in Sweden in the 19th century. The company is a leather tannery which specialises in the creation, designing, and production of high-quality clog footwear such as the timeless and classic wooden clogs and the stylish clog boots. They are known for their beautiful Swedish clogs.

The techniques of clog-making has been passed down in many generations and up to this day, the Sandgrens company follow the same principles in clog-making; from its founder, Mr. Sven Carlsson, to his son, Mr. Christer, who is currently the master clog maker.

I trust in the craftmanship of Sandgrens. I have tried their clogs, and even clog sandals and now, I have tried the clog boots. I can attest to the high-quality products, and craftmanship that Sandgrens embrace in making their clogs.

Why I love the New York Clog Boots

The New York Clog Boots is not your typical boots. It is a unique clog boots and I love it. I love boots a lot and I have already plenty of pairs in my closet but nothing comes close to the style, beauty, quality of material, low heel clog boot style of the wooden sole, and over all look and feel of my new Sandgrens New York Low Heel Clog Boots.


I like the colour of the boots too. It’s not very black actually. It is comes as slighter black with ash gray hues. The colour alone makes this fashion clogs a great, and fun clog boots to wear anywhere, from the office to the parties.


The clog boots fit so well. The look may deceive you because it is a closed clog boots but I have worn it using my normal thermal socks and my feet didn’t feel like they were squished. It is roomy in the whole feet area. My feet didn’t ache at all. I didn’t feel any constricted movements while wearing the boots unlike my regular boots where I felt like the blood circulation to my and from my feet gets affected when I had to bend my feet. Like I said, the boots is incredibly roomy inside.



The Sandgrens New York Low Heel Clog Boots tops the style points. It looks so great that even my colleagues kept appreciating how pretty the boots are. I have to agree. The boots are really fashionable and yet, it seems to go well with my office business look and slim thermal pants. I am sure, it can be worn with many other outfits and will still look stylish.

Instead of stitching, you will see that the clog boots materials are stapled to the wooden heel. It looks very unique. It gives you that “rocker/serious” look and yet, it looks very classy.



This is the only boots I have that has wooden soles and heels as the base. The wood is European Lime Wood. Rubber soles are used for the soles to provide anti-slip feature. The whole body is made of Nubuck leather in black. The leather is fastened to the wooden sole with metal fasteners and has zippers on each side and metallic buckle to tighten or loosen the boots opening.


The Sandgrens New York Low Heel Clog Boots is priced at US$310.  There is a sale happening right now so you can head on to Sandgrens and check this fabulous boots out and the other collections available.


Yes! That’s another great news for shoppers out there. They ship worldwide. I have received mine in less than a week’s time.

My recommendation

I definitely give this my highest recommendation. The boots is perfect for my taste and style preference. I also love the fact that even with my socks on, my feet did not feel constricted at all.

I love Sandgrens products. I believe in Sandgrens’ craftmanship. I trust the high-quality products they use to create every single clogs in their company. This is just one of the Sandgrens’ product I have already tried and I am more than happy to purchase another one because of the quality, craftmanship, and style that each Sandgrens has.

And, this is me with my fabulous New York Low Heel Clog boots!


Visit Sandgrens and check out the many clogs they offer from clog boots to clog sandals to high heel clogs! You name it. Don’t forget, there is a sale happening right now! The Black Friday Sale is on and free shipping within US. Hurry! It ends on 30 Nov. 2015.

Sandgrens Website

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