August 22, 2014
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Erin Condren Quote Life Planner Review

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I can’t stop beaming from ear to ear whenever I think of my planner. Why on earth would someone be so thrilled with a planner, one might wonder? Well, I love writing down stuff. I love organizing my things-to-do the old fashioned way. I shun from the convenience any tech gadgets will bring when it comes to organizing my life for me. I’m old school and I want to keep my plans, organizational stuff and what-have-yous that way.

Any person who loves to jot down stuff in their appointment books or journals will certainly understand why having a planner is important to put a semblance of “order” in one’s life.

So it’s really not a surprise when I saw this planner in one of the website I visited recently. I got hooked the moment I saw the featured planner – Erin Condren Quote Life Planner. I told myself, “I must have that.” And what do you know! I am now a very happy owner of my personalized Erin Condren Quote Life Planner. I’m super thrilled! Here are the reasons why:

It’s colorful! I love the splashes of color all over the planner.

The designs are fresh and funky and the quotes are really something that will motivate, inspire and help you see things in a brighter perspective.

There are many other designs you can choose from in the site and they can be personalized so you can add a photo or your name on the cover.

The steel spiral is very sturdy and doesn’t bend at all. I dropped my bag by accident yesterday and my Erin Condren Quote Life Planner was inside, the steel spiral facing the bottom. I thought it would bend or get squashed just like the ordinary metal spirals used in other planners/journals. It didn’t.

The planner is printed on a 70lb text which makes its thickness just about right. I have used other planners in the past with very flimsy papers that often times ended up being crumpled or torn and I write heavily.

The covers (front and back) are hard laminated sheets which can be replaced with a different design that you can order from

The full 12-month planner has 170 pages. I have extra because I ordered the full 12-months plus the remaining months of 2014.

The planner is slightly bigger than a regular notebook and thicker too. The size is 7.25″ x 9.25″.

It’s MADE IN USA. I love high-quality product and I’m willing to pay for the price as long as I know they are durable and made of high-quality materials.

The design once again! The outside is already pretty as it is and not to mention, colorful, depending on the design you will choose. However, the pages inside are even prettier with paper covers that have beautiful design printed on them and the pages of the months have color schemes which are all cool to the eyes.

The planner has 240 free colorful stickers with pre-printed labels such as Party, Appointment, Vacation,  and everything that can highlight special events. These tabs are also repositionable.

And it has a free perpetual calendar booklet where you can jot down all your family and friends’ special dates, all in one place!

The 2-page monthly spread has reinforced coil-side binding.

The binder has colorful laminated side tabs for the months making the pages more sturdy.

The weekly pages are divided to morning, day and night. Other planners have times with them which I feel restrictive. This way, I can jot down whatever I have to that won’t make me skip precious space just to get to the time where I have to input the activity or note.

One side of the weekly page has a ruled portion where you can write your goals, to-do lists or anything you fancy. Below the weekly page are meals, lists, etc.

It has a clear plastic envelope with ziplock that can be filled with pens, stickers, small photos, cut-outs, gift tags, and more!

There are full back-to-back ruled pages and some blanks ones you can use as stationery.

The whole planner is filled with quotes that help inspire, motivate, and give you that positive energy and thoughts!

It also has a “Keep-it-together” folder which can hold small bills, letters, photos or anything you want to stash there.

It has a clear snap-in ruler which can be used as a bookmark too!

And did I tell you about the other accessories you can buy to go with this fabulous planner? Not yet, well, you can add:

  • Elastic bands to keep everything in place
  • Coil clips to use for photos you want to see every single day or card or even that nice printed quote you want to read every single day and clip it to your binder as reminder
  • Pen holder to stick on the back cover of your planner to hold your pen
  • Photo stickers that can be customized upon order so you can add funny photos of yourself, your family, friends and pets and stick them on your planner as you wish
  • Blank stickers that you can customize as you wish or write whatever you like
  • Notepads for those extra doodles or special note to someone
  • Designer sticker sheets which are several sheets of fancy stickers you want to riddle your whole planner with or a sudden urge to buy a special someone a gift and need some decorations pronto! This is your answer to that!

The planner is $50 (excluding taxes and other add-ons that you may wish to buy along with the main planner). You can buy extra accessories if you wish. There’s additional cost if you want to start your planner from the remaining months of 2014 + the whole of 2015.

I can actually go on and on about the many features that I love about my new Erin Condren Quote Life Planner. It’s actually my mommy, social, career, blogger,  and everything-in-between planner! Yes, all rolled into one! So, if you like organizing your activities and everything you can think of into a compilation of weekly things-to-do or remind-me-whatnots, this is the planner for you!

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I received this planner for free from for evaluation purposes. I only review products/services that I will like and use. I believe that this review will benefit my readers. My findings and opinions are 100% mine and may vary from yours.

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