August 13, 2014

Fun Celebrations of St. Patrick's Day For The Whole Family

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It is the Lenten Season and Catholics observe fasting and abstinence during this season. However, with St. Patrick’s Day falling during the period of Lent, people who celebrate in honour of St. Patrick find that one day as a time for merriment.

Here are fun ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the whole family without getting inebriated and hanging out in pubs. Enjoy the festive moment with those you love in these surefire ways of family entertainment.

Play the bingo

B-I-N-G-O! It’s nice to yell Bingo and get those wonderful prizes your family has set to make this game more enjoyable. You can do this at home or have a small family reunion at the nearby park, grab your cute bingo cards and start calling out numbers.  Maybe have a pot-luck with the prizes so even the small kids can enjoy shouting their first BINGO!

Get a free St. Patrick’s Day BINGO cards theme here:

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Watch the parade

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Check your local community’s listing for any events on St. Patrick’s Day and be a part of it whether you are an spectator or a member of the parade or the band. Dress up in nice St. Patrick’s Day costumes too if you want. Dress the entire family in lovely shades of green and frolic around town to enjoy the festivities.

You can buy cute and fun costumes and accessories at BuyCostumes for your St. Patrick’s Day.


And please don’t leave out the pooch in the fun! Even your dogs can join the St. Patrick’s Day parade in fun costumes!

Leprechaun Pet Costume

Make crafty stuff

Arts and crafts are so much fun especially you can never go wrong with creativity! Make some cute Paddy’s day crafts with the little ones and let them decorate with gusto!

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Prepare some “green” food for the party

Prepare “green” food to serve for your St. Patrick’s Day party. Engage your whole family in the preparation and let each one have something to do as part of their contribution.

I have posted some easy to prepare green snack for St. Patrick’s Day in my Home Is Where The Heart Is blog. Check it out for the recipes!

Picnic at the park

Spring is almost upon us and it will be a lovely day to soak up the sun with your family and friends at the park. Set up your nice tents or bring out the picnic table for everyone. Bring “green” foods that are St. Patrick’s Day themed and just enjoy the simple pleasure of being with the people you love. Have some games too if you like and that will surely keep the little one active.

What ever it is you have decided to do this St. Patrick’s Day, remember to capture those special moments with the people who truly matter. Have fun!

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